Primavera P6


This course is so designed that it covers every aspect of implementation. If you are working in large scale firms then you will get a picture of how projects are managed there. This will make you able to organize projects, control access to projects, organize and control resources and in effectively planning, monitoring and controlling of the project.

Similarly if you are working in small or a medium scale firm, or if you are new to Project Management and Primavera, you will get to know all the required core concepts of Project Management along with examples and you will learn their implementation in Primavera P6 from start to end.

What will you learn
  • After successful completion of this course, you will be able to develop a schedule, update and monitor the schedule, control the schedule, generate reports, allocate cost and resources.

  • You can develop cash flows and s-curves, monitor and control cost and resources.

  • You will also understand lots of interesting Project Management concepts.

  • Basic Project Management knowledge
  • Primavera P6 Version 8.3 or above installed


  • 15 Lessons
  • 02:30:58 Hours
  • About Primavera P600:06:53
  • About WBS, Create WBS code, To View WBS. To View WBS.00:06:04
  • Introduction About Activity, To Create a New Activity, Relationship – Predecessors, Schedule.00:04:53
  • Introduction About Calendar, Types of Calendar, Assigning Calendar to Project.00:05:04
  • About Project Codes, Creating Project Codes, To View The Project.00:05:02
  • About EPS, To Create a New EPS. 00:04:52
  • Resource types, To Create Resource, Assigning Resources.00:09:46
  • Activity Codes, To Create an Activity Codes, Assigning Activity Codes, To View The Codes.00:04:31
  • About Expense , To Create Expenses, To View The Cost of the Project or Budgeted cost, Work Products & Documents, Thresholds, Issues & Risks.00:09:40
  • To Create New Baselines, To View Cost Variance.00:03:41
  • Critical Path Method, Constraints.00:11:32
  • Schedule Progress, Progress Lines, Progress Spotlight.00:05:09
  • Reports, Creating Reports, Report Wizard, Export.00:04:16
  • Project01:09:35
  • Primavera : Assessment

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