Microsoft Access stores various types of data in a way that is easy to retrieve. It includes specific features for declaring and maintaining various types of data. It allows you to confine the data that users enter into each field. It also allows you to link, related data across multiple tables and provides other useful features such as forms, reports, query builder,etc.

What will you learn
  • You can design a simple database with lookup tables and build a new database with related tables.

  • You can modify the structure of an existing table and manage the data in a table.

  • You will learn to design a form, generate a report, and Import and export data.

  • You can create simple and effective queries, and also meaningful reports from tables.

  • You will learn to create and use forms.

  • Some basic concepts of a database, especially Relational Database Management System concepts.


  • 12 Lessons
  • 04:36:06 Hours
  • Introduction about MS ACCESS 00:06:53
  • Works with Home page 00:06:35
  • Works with interface, Components of access . 00:09:19
  • Table design, Data entry, Entry rules& formulas.01:15:22
  • Import data, Assign rules for importing data . 00:13:01
  • Create query, Query wizard, Filters, View control. 00:42:15
  • Create form, Macro design, Form layout, Form wizard. 01:15:36
  • Create report, Report wizard, Macro for report. 00:25:56
  • Export to another format, Export settings. 00:07:40
  • Convert access to application 00:03:29
  • Ms Access : Assessment

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