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computer is a machine that accepts data as input, processes that data using programs, and outputs the processed data as information. Many computers can store and retrieve information using hard drives. Computers can be connected together to form networks, allowing connected computers to communicate with each other.

Being a modern-day you must have used, seen, or read about computers. This is because they are an integral part of our everyday existence. Be it school, banks, shops, railway stations, hospital or your own home, computers are present everywhere, making our work easier and faster for us. As they are such integral parts of our lives, we must know what they are and how they function. Let us start with defining the term computer formally.

The literal meaning of computer is a device that can calculate. However, modern computers can do a lot more than calculate. Computer is an electronic device that receives input, stores or processes the input as per user instructions and provides output in desired format.

What will you learn
  • Start with the basics and ensure you know how to use a computer. ...

  • Familiarize yourself with an understanding of how computers work. ...

  • You can Install, configure, and remove software .

  • No previous knowledge is required


  • 18 Lessons
  • 03:39:30 Hours
  • Introduction of computer, What is computer?, Functions of computer, Parts of Computer , Function of mouse, Function of keyboard, Function of CPU, Function of UPS. 00:24:33
  • How To Use Mouse, Changing The Desktop Icon Size , Personalize Option, Changing Desktop Background, Changing Windows Color, Windows Startup Sound Changing, Changing Screen Saver, Changing Desktop Icon, Changing Account Picture, Display Options. 00:29:44
  • Volume Control Option, Speakers Setting, Notification Appear On The Taskbar, Task Bar Options.00:05:36
  • System Properties, Device Manager, Remote Setting, System Protection, Advance System Settings, Taskbar Properties, Changing Task Bars. 00:22:44
  • My Computer Properties, How to Manage the Files in My Computer, Open The Files, Properties of Files, Changing Icons Of Folders. 00:14:06
  • Creating New Folders And Files, Recycle Bin Options, Creating Shortcut To Application, And Other Shortcut Options. 00:07:13
  • How To Use Run Comment, How To Increase The Speed Of Computer, How To Use Notepad. 00:04:57
  • How To Modifying The Document By Paint, How To Use Paint, Paint Options , Saving Option. 00:08:00
  • How To Remove Infected Files, How To Repair The Infected Files, Scanning The Folders, How To Remove The Virus. 00:05:52
  • How To Install The Program, How To Uninstall The Program, And Other Options In Installation And Uninstallation. 00:09:03
  • Disk Cleanup, How To Clean Unwanted Files In Disk, Removing Temp Files, Computer Management, Disk Management, Separate The Hard Disk, Services And Applications. 00:08:11
  • How To Search The File In Google, How To Download The Files From Google, How To Save The Image From The Google, How To Use Google Maps. 00:09:39
  • Hidden Shortcut Keys In Windows, Undo And Redo Options, Shutdown Options, Search A File 00:10:58
  • How To Burn The Files Using Windows, How To Copy, How To Open The Files. 00:09:10
  • Creating The New User Account, Manage The New User Account, Creating The Password, Changing the password, Auto Play Options, Power Options, Networking And Adapter Setting, Changing The Adapter Setting, Advances Sharing Settings, Changing System “IPAddress00:13:09
  • Format Pen Drive,NTFS Format,FAT32 Format,Difference Between NTFS & FAT32,Use The Pen Drive As External RAM,Protect The Pen Drive From File Delete,Hidden The Files In Pen Drive Using CMD,Retrieve The Affected Files From The Pen Drive,Repair And Format00:21:31
  • How To Format The System, How To Installing The Windows OS. 00:09:04

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